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In the unfortunate event of a bad guy gaining access to your school, will your teachers and staff know how to react properly? Adrenaline and panic cause the brain and body to react in unpredictable ways. Are you putting your faculty in the best possible position to protect their students and classrooms? The safety of your staff and students is Priority One!



With the Panic Preventers lockdown blinds in place, the only thing the teachers have to do is lock the door and lower the blind.


With a price point of $9.95 per classroom, Panic Preventers custom lockdown blinds are the most affordable on the market.


The material used for making the Panic Preventers lockdown blind is NFPA 701 certified fire retardant assuring national compliance.

How Easy Is It?

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My name is Todd Shirley and I am the Chief Operations Officer for the Forsyth County School System in Cumming Georgia. My primary responsibility is the safety and security of our 51,000 students and over 5000 staff members. Every decision we make must ensure proactive measures of school safety while balancing responsible spending of our community’s money. The creation and addition of our new Lockdown Shades is a model example of this approach. We partnered with Panic Preventers to create a simple design shade that meets fire code. The shade was a single size window cover with simple install that provided coverage of classroom door windows during a Code Red Lockdown. BUT the best feature of this shade was the printed directions for teachers on the back. This design calms the teacher as they follow the steps on the shade. We searched multiple designs of door shades over the years. Most were simple black shades that looked good and worked. However, we found the price to be well above a reasonable level. Our current shades were both advanced in their design and very cost effective. I highly recommend considering this design for any school system!

Todd Shirley
Chief Operations Officer
Forsyth County School District

Forsyth Ga

The lockdown shades provide an extra layer in our district-wide comprehensive safety and security plans. Recommendations during lockdowns often boil down to “Locks, Lights, Out of Sight” and with the construction of many facilities including transparency into classrooms, these shades provide a quick, effective, customization and cost efficient methods for limiting view into occupied areas when needed.

Michael Ruple
Lead School Safety Officer
Paulding County School District


What are Panic Preventers Lockdown Blinds?

How Are We Different?

The most remarkable differentiating feature of Panic Preventers lockdown blinds is the custom step by step printed instructions for your staff to follow in a time of panic.

Another great advantage to our lockdown blinds, is that we boast a 31″ x 39″ wide format lockdown blind. This prevents individual classroom door measurements and ensures that our standard size fits most school room applications.

At only $9.95 per classroom, Panic Preventers custom lockdown blind is the most affordable on the market!

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