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It’s an unfortunate reality in today’s society, but our schools need added protection to prevent individuals that want to harm innocent people. With the prevalence of school shootings becoming commonplace in recent years, schools have taken the initiative to help ensure that students, teachers, and faculty are protected against this inevitability. Thanks to regular lockdown drills, schools have never been more prepared against a school shooting.

However, even with the addition of metal detectors, security personnel, and a heightened awareness for danger, one element that schools are missing are lockdown shades. Available from Panic Preventers, lockdown shades are life-saving measures that are quick and easy to deploy that can thwart active shooters in an emergency.

When a school is in an emergency situation, teachers and staff take measures to ensure the safety of students through a lockdown. While doors are locked, activities are moved indoors, and individuals aren’t permitted to enter and leave during lockdown, what’s usually missing is the ability to block the visibility into classrooms and other areas of building. This is a crucial misstep by many schools, as prevent potential attackers from seeing if the room is occupied can mean the difference between life and death.

The solution lies in installing lockdown shades, which transform your windows from a major security risk to an upgrade in comprehensive security. Lockdown shades completely cover the windows and impair the visibility of an active threat from determining whether a room is occupied. An active shooter will be deterred from spending their time bypassing locked doors and move on to other areas of the building, which increases the likelihood that they won’t inflict more casualties. Because of their quick deployment, Panic Preventer’s lockdown shades can be deployed in seconds—which makes a significant difference when survival is at stake.

The truth of many school shootings is that intruders that aren’t involved in the school may scope out the layout of the building beforehand to plot their next attack. Even those who may not attend the school can plot their future activities by scoping out the grounds to inflict maximum harm.

With lockdown shades deployed when buildings are not being used, these individuals can be deterred from getting a sense of the layout of the building, which rooms are generally occupied during certain hours, and other information they can infer. Made from high-quality blackout fabric, lockdown shades ensure that these individuals are kept in the dark. Therefore, lockdown shades represent a preventative measure that schools cannot do without in our modern era of violence.

Lockdown shades can be used in a variety of situations to upgrade building security. Another inherent benefit of lockdown shades is that they reduce theft from prying eyes and potential kidnappers. Considering that school equipment is vital for students’ education and the safety of children is of the foremost concern, schools cannot afford to miss the benefits of installing lockdown shades throughout their buildings.

As a side benefit, lockdown shades help teachers minimize outside distractions in the classroom. Often, disruptive students and events that occur outside of the classroom can divert attention away from education. With lockdown shades, teachers can deploy them as needed to ensure that students can focus on learning the curriculum and enhancing their academic futures.

Interested in purchasing lockdown shades and window coverings for your school? If so, Panic Preventers offers custom lockdown shades. As a premier school safety supplier across the United States, Panic Preventers offers a custom security solution that will save lives.