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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Q. Will the documents and files I provide you for printing be kept private and secure?

A. Yes. When you make a decision to allow us to be your printer, we believe we have a deep responsibility to protect the confidentiality of any proprietary information, company sales and marketing strategies, and confidential product specifications you provide to us. The content of your documents will remain private, confidential, and secure at our printing firm.

Q. How do you handle the personal information I provide when I order on your website?

A. All information you provide on our website will be kept secure and will be used only for business purposes, such as unspecified updates and communications about your order, questionnaires to measure your satisfaction, and announcements of new products, services, and special pricing promotions. We use the information we collect to improve the customer experience and will not share your information with any other party, except as required to process and ship purchases.

Q. Do you sell customer information to any third parties?

A. No. We do not share, sell, or otherwise disclose information about our clients to any other party except as required to process and ship purchases.

Q. What security measures do you have in place to ensure the privacy of my information on your website?

A. All transactions on our website occur over a secure, encrypted connection, and all interactions with your account require a valid email/username and password. We do not store credit card information on our servers. Those transactions occur securely on our card processor’s servers, which comply with all the latest security regulations and safeguards. Our website has redundant security measures in place to protect against the misuse of information that we control. All data is protected using the most advanced methods currently available. However, we remind all customers that no electronic transaction is ever 100% guaranteed safe.

Q. Who (besides me) has access to my account information on your website?

A. Only select employees at our printing firm have access to your account information. If your account is part of a larger company, your company and/or branch manager(s) may also have access to your account details, depending on how your company had us set things up for them. No one outside your own organization or our printing firm can access your information.

Q. Does your website use cookies to store information on my computer?

A. Yes, we use session cookies to store non-critical information about your account in your web browser. These cookies make it possible to authenticate your account, so you don’t have to log in every time you visit our website. Because of this, make sure you log out (or clear your cookies and cache) when you leave our website if you’re on a shared computer or workstation.